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Why pay $20 or more for another tool when you can use Stud Finder on your phone now to quickly and accurately find wall studs?

Best Stud Finder App for iOS and Android

best stud finder app iphone

Stud finder app for iOS and Android brings the simplicity and effectiveness of a real stud detector tool to your iPhone or Android device. The app uses your device's compass (magnetometer sensor) to pinpoint metal studs, nails, and screws embedded in all wood wall studs.

It can help all you DIYs safely and securely hang large or heavy wall fixtures such as mirrors, shelves, TVs, artwork, etc.

Use studfinder in the same way as other hand-held stud detector devices. The LEDs light up in sequence with proximity to metal studs and fasteners as your device's magnetometer sensor passes over the wall stud.

I have spent over five years continually improving studfinder's functionality and usability, based on user feedback. And I sincerely believe it to be the best stud finder app currently available in any app store.

How it works

Please follow these simple DIY instructions for how to use the stud detector tool.


  • LED lights (green indicates app is ready for detection, red means metal stud or fastener detected)
  • adjustable sensitivity for best detection in all situations (e.g. drywall thicknesses or nail/screw depth)
  • toggled detection alert beeper
  • magnetometer sensor check to ensure device compatibility
  • detailed DIY instructions page on usage
  • movable magnetometer marker (certain versions only)

Note: Stud finder app cannot detect wood directly but detects metal studs and fasteners within wood studs.


It is my continued goal to ensure this is the best stud finder app available. Please contact me personally with any questions, concerns, or feedback and I will do my best to respond promptly. Thank you for downloading :)

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